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"I hear people say, “I don’t like my job but…” (it’s
what I know, I’m paid well, my search isn't working.)
I say, any sentence starting with “I don’t like
my job” means action should be taken, soon.

—Kathy Robinson

Career Change Consulting




Are you frustrated, bored, and unfulfilled by your work? Don’t stay in a career that's not working for you!

Most people find it hard to find energy, time, professional contacts and knowledge required to change careers.

You might also worry that you don’t want to take a pay cut, spend money to go back to school, or risk health benefits.

Our Career Makeover Program can help you break out of your career rut and enter a new phase of your career and your life!

We’ll help you:

  • Identify the career path that’s right for you, based on your true interests and abilities
  • Expand your network of contacts
  • Carefully evaluate career choices, including whether or not to pursue further education
  • Incorporate work-life balance so you can enjoy the other things in your life that matter most
  • Create a targeted personal marketing statement
  • Address common career change obstacles
  • Plan your finances correctly to help in a career change
  • Set weekly goals to keep yourself on track

Find out more about the Career Makeover program that works best for your time and finances:

Clients are paired with an experienced career advisor in one-on-one, individualized sessions. You get personalized attention to keep your career change on track. You and your advisor typically meet or have phone appointments twice per month. Before you begin this process, we'll talk with you to make sure this is the right approach for you. Both daytime and early evening appointments are available.

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Not getting calls back on your resume? Our approach has gotten immediate results for many clients who want to cut through the resume pack and stand out. We will show you how to write and edit a resume and cover letter that helps employers to understand what you can offer them. We don't believe in gimmicks or sales-y resumes, just the right format and approach that can work miracles.

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Small companies who can't afford big outplacement will frequently ask us to work with an individual or a small group of employees to help them find new work. With facilitation from an experienced career advisor, individuals in outplacement receive personal attention, either one-on-one or in a small group format, to identify career goals, learn how to network with professional contacts, and keep on track.

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“After working with TurningPoint, I am not willing to settle for a job just because it’s available—I now have a list of criteria that I can use in the future to evaluate job possibilities to determine if they are truly right for me. This process was great for me and came at a time I really needed it.” K.C.

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Contact us and we’ll email you a FREE article outlining our unique career change approach: “How to Discover Your Core Career Interests: The Four C’s.”

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Offices (by appointment only):
Main Office: 742 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington MA 02476
Coaches located in towns including: Boston MA, Newton, Framingham, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville, Reading, Eastham, Beverly, Methuen, Chelmsford, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Western MA.

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