I talked to Kara Baskin, a writer for AARP’s Life Reimagined site, about The Upside of Getting Fired (see her article from Nov 3, 2014).

What if, after being fired…

– You could find a place where you are truly valued?

– You find work you like better?

– You pursue a passion and find work you love that’s NOT a job? (See Unjobbing by Michael Fogler)

– You get some time to reconnect with old friends and co-workers?

– You get some work done in/around your house that you’ve been meaning to do for ages?

– You realize what’s really important to you – that doesn’t involve your past employer?

– You meet new people and expand your network?

– You find out who your true friends are, the folks there to support you in times of need?

– You get a chance to hit the “pause” button on your career and really, truly, think about your gifts and skills…

– You have some time to learn something new…

Yes, I know, there are financial stresses and family stresses that come with unemployment.  I get that, and I don’t take that lightly.

But what if…???

Could being fired be the best thing to ever happen to you?