You’ve set aside precious job search time; what’s the best job posting site to maximize your efforts? When you sit down at your computer to look at job posting sites online, you definitely don’t want to make your job search more complicated than it needs to be.  Or worse, waste time on job search sites that don’t pay off for you.

How do you know what’s the best job posting site for you?

Choosing a job posting site for best results:

First, is there a local professional association that has a large number of listings?  Start there.

Then, is there a local, well-connected recruiting firm that frequently posts new jobs?  That would be the next logical step.

After that it gets murky.  You’ve got some great sites:;;;  How can you choose?

Here’s an interesting analysis from, who went through a bunch of job sites to figure out which had the best user experience for job seekers.  You can find their report here; the team spent six weeks reviewing the most popular sites for job seekers to find which have fresh, frequent, and relevant postings. They also looked for effective scraping algorithms that pull in listings from other places on the web.

Other factors:

  • Does the job posting site have an app or an easy-to-use mobile interface, so that you can search jobs while you’re on the go?
  • Can you quickly save (and later find) jobs or employers that are interesting to you?
  • Is there advanced search capability that allows you to find the specific types of roles you want without having to search through endless ill-fitting jobs?
  • Can it link to your network somehow so you can quickly see if you have a connection at the organization?
  • Can you quickly apply and/or upload your resume for jobs you’re interested in, no matter what device you’re on?

Based on the above factors, you need to use a few sites at once. LinkedIn is a great job posting site for professional positions, while some recruiters may post there for some roles and not others. It’s worth having 5-6 job boards you peruse regularly, which should include LinkedIn, two or three main job boards (Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.) as well as a niche industry job board or two.

It pays to have a multiple-choice answer to the question: which job search is best? All of the above.