Your Job Search Needs a “Blue Ocean” Strategy

Worried about other candidates interviewing for the same job? With a Blue Ocean job search strategy, you’ll sail ahead of the competition.

To Build a Life You Love, KonMari Your Career

Does your work spark joy? If not, the KonMari approach may be just what you need to spruce up your career – here’s how.

Ten Ways to Save Time on Your Job Search

To help your search, we’ve compiled a list of 10 simple job search tips that will save precious time and maximize results to get you into a new job quickly.





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The Real Zoom Hijackers? Your Coworkers

The Real Zoom Hijackers? Your Coworkers

The biggest threat to your daily productivity? Your Zoom-hijacking coworkers. When your meeting feels like a circus ring, how can you get the show to go on?


Start Your Future Side Hustle Now

Start Your Future Side Hustle Now

Craving some extra cash? Wanting to explore an idea you’ve had for ages? The time for your future side hustle is now, and here’s how to begin.


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