Despite the avalanche of turmoil, layoffs, uncertainties right now –

You’ve got this. Companies are hiring, today.

That said, what’s happening in the larger world at the moment is likely running in parallel with what may have been happening for you already:

Boredom.  Politics. Work-Life Balance. Unrealistic Company Expectations.   No Advancement. Pay issues. Layoffs.

If we layer what’s hopefully a short downturn on top of an already-tricky process … networking; resumes; online job searches; lack of time; a gap on your resume; lack of experience/job requirements you don’t have … you may feel a bit dispirited about your job possibilities.

BUT in every economy, up or down, people get hired all the time.

It’s likely that you know you need a change, and you don’t know how to make it happen.

First, you have to figure out what you want. We can help, through a combination of assessments, guided career exploration, and creative idea generating.

Big company? Little company? My own boss?

Accountant? Veterinarian? Yoga Teacher? Financial Analyst?

Second, you have to figure out who’s hiring.

We help you figure out how to map your skills to the marketplace and find pockets of opportunity you might not have thought about.

Third, you have to figure out how to sell yourself.

Although career counseling is not a job placement or recruiting service, career coaches can offer:

– Resume Preparation:  Review and editing of your resume to best position you for the career you want.

– Social Media Career Strategies: Review of your social media presence (LinkedIn, your public Facebook page, etc.) to ensure that prospective employers see you in the best light

– Interview Practice: Help preparing for common interview questions, either on the phone or in person, as well as creation of a compelling Elevator Pitch

– Job Search Support: Advice and support as you navigate your job search; ideas for overcoming obstacles and strategies for a tough job market.

Help is here, and a job change is possible – even in a down economy.

If you’re thinking about working with a coach, which coach is right for your situation?  Well, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all coaching. It depends on many factors:  your interests, your career industry and level, your location, your schedule availability, and your needs in the career coaching process.  We’ve gone through the work of vetting top career coaches for you, and they’re all on our free CoachFinder matchmaking page for you to browse their profiles and set up a no-cost exploratory call.