Curious what’s emerging on the tech scene as the hottest tech skills for your career? Udemy, an online teaching & learning marketplace, just released its analysis of the most sought-after “upskilling” opportunities for technical professionals through its platform, and we’re passing along the results to you.

Anyone looking to be in the know about what tech skills are emerging these days can glean insights from popular course marketplaces that serve millions of eager learners. After all, as new technologies emerge, developers and other technology professionals need to learn about them somewhere. They’re turning to learning platforms like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda), Treehouse, or PluralSight, which serve as real-time education hubs – and early-warning signals about what’s about to hit – in a particular sector.

Udemy recently analyzed their technology courses to identify the high-growth, emerging skills that seem to be the most popular with technology professionals for this year and next. Although widely-used technologies like Java and HTML aren’t going anywhere, new technologies are on the rise. Tomorrow’s Kotlin (one of the emerging technologies) may be today’s Java, so it pays to know what’s coming down the pike.

Here are some of the highlighted tech skills that look like they’re growing in demand for 2019. These are just some of the skills they mention – (you can get their in-depth report here; it’s free but requires that you enter your email address to view it.)

Some of the hot technology skills, according to Udemy, include:

  • Kotlin – a new language that aims to supplant Java for Android app development (Udemy course enrollments for Kotlin increased by 95% in 2018)
  • Apache Kafka – a platform that connects and integrates data
  • GraphQL – a query language that helps information pass between applications or servers
  • Chef Software– technology that helps configure files and software on servers and in cloud-based settings, and report on issues in real time.
  • Ethereum– a platform based on blockchain technology that allows developers to build in a decentralized environment
  • Splunk – used for securing, monitoring, and analyzing data, particularly in the IoT environment
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda – allows computer code to run without servers
  • (and more, in their report)

Of course, depending on your particular niche within the tech world (SaaS, infrastructure, websites, applications, etc.), your own specific “hot list” will change. Some of these skills might not apply to you, while others might already be on your watch and learn list.

Each year, we recommend you future-proof your career by conducting a regular evaluation of your industry to figure out what skills are on the upswing. Even knowing what’s emerging – whether you actually train on it or not – puts you ahead of many of your peers who aren’t looking beyond today’s skills. Whether you’re a technology professional or not, using course platforms to know what’s emerging in your sector is a savvy career move that will position you for success.