I was driving┬áto the grocery store yesterday morning and, while changing radio stations, came across a show called Exceptional Women (106.7). The host, Candy O’Terry, was interviewing a woman named Linda McManus, who had been nominated as one of this year’s Exceptional Women.

Listen to what Linda has overcome in her life:
– Childhood polio
– An alcoholic, sexually and physically abusive father
– An illness that caused her to have to quit her job
– A serious accident

Any ONE of those things would be obstacles for some of us, but instead of sinking into the pits, Linda decided, at a time when it was hard for her to walk two steps, that SHE WAS GOING TO RUN THE BOSTON MARATHON. And a year later, she did.

She’s also started her own inspirational poetry company, photography business, and has turned her private love of poetry, photography and animals into getting her line published by greeting card companies. By following things that gave her joy, she turned her life around and is doing work she loves.

As the host said, “it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get back up again.” For those of you in need of inspiration, think about this: what brings you joy, and how can you do more of it?