I’m gonna tell you a secret.

Even though I am a coach, I love having a coach.

Technically, no one actually *needs* a coach, like you need air and water.  But, here’s why I need a coach:  I was stuck.  Deeply, profoundly stuck.  I had a game-changing project I had been thinking about for EIGHT (8!!!!!) years, but it was complicated, and confusing, and I couldn’t figure out how to move forward.

I had all sorts of “I can’t, because…” and “I don’t know how to…” and “no one will ever…” thoughts.  (Sound familiar?)

And, in fact, I was, and I am, trying to do something complicated.  And BOLD.  And it’s really hard to do complicated and bold by yourself.  It’s lonely, and frustrating, and it’s easy to get re-stuck when something gets hard.  (And, by the way, it gets hard often, when you’re being bold and breaking new ground.)

So, why do I love getting coached?

-It keeps me accountable to my own dreams and to-do items

-I have someone else who cares whether or not I complete something I’d like to accomplish

-It provides a safe place for me to share my frustrations, and then brush myself off and get out in the arena, ready to begin again

-My coach routinely gives me new ideas when I feel like I hit a wall, and don’t know how to proceed

-My coach has access to tools that I didn’t even know existed, that have proven to be HUGE in my forward progress

-Even knowing that I have a coaching session coming up drives me to think more strategically in the days leading up to the session

-I get someone who shares my successes and totally understands how hard it was to get there

-I get someone who shares my failures and shows me how to think about them productively

-When I get stuck in the details, my coach brings me back to the big picture

And last, but not least, I get stuff done.

That project I was confused about for 8 years?  DONE.  (well, at least phase one.)

In fact, after I started getting coaching, my massively-confusing, complex project was done within 6 months. (!)  On the way to completion, however, I hit roadblock after roadblock.  Coaching was instrumental in keeping me focused and going, even during the most soul-sucking, gut-churning days.

Coaching?  Not done.  You know why?

I get to dream up the next big thing, and get to work making it happen.  And I get a trusted partner and guide, the whole way.

That’s why I love getting coaching, and I think you will, too.