If you are considering offering outplacement services (career coaching for transitioning employees), please use the Contact Us form on this page or call (781) 777 3500. We provide outplacement services for the New England region, and are experienced at working with remote employees.

Company-paid career outplacement services have a four-way benefit:

outplacement, employee career services

They help your transitioning employee navigate the job search more effectively, especially in a tricky economic climate.

Career experts keep track of the changes in job searching tools and best practices that will help a transitioning employee go out into the job market with a best foot forward.

A career coach can help your employee find the pocket of emerging opportunity, compete in a complicated market, and/or shape their story of the transition for interviews and networking.

They help your remaining team feel a sense of safety and fairness, knowing that if they are ever let go, they’ll have some support to land on their feet.

They help future employees trust your employment brand, which may seem counterintuitive – after all, who talks about being the possibility of being let go, during an interview process?

Your future employees might! “How did you treat your employees in the spring of 2020?” could quite easily be a question you get in the interview process. Top talent is going to care about the answer to that question.

They help you create your own legacy as a leader who takes care of others, knowing that you did what you could to support your people during difficult times.

Here’s how we can help:

When you work with us on an outplacement project, here’s how we deliver an exceptional experience:

Unlike the big firms that offer cookie-cutter services for your employees with more generically oriented digital platforms and self-service models, we craft a personalized, white-glove approach for your employees – at the same or lower cost you’d get elsewhere.

We start by hand-picking an experienced coach for each and every member of your team, based on industry, career need, and seniority level, so that your employee gets the most velocity possible in the marketplace right out of the gate.

We custom-build programs that fit your budget, since we know you don’t have extra money to burn right now. We can create different tiers of programs for different types of employees, and mix and match the kind of help we provide so that it delivers big impact for a streamlined cost.

We mobilize quickly. We’re experienced at delivering our services virtually, and our outplacement consultants are ready to start at short notice.

Our outplacement services can cover any or all of the following:

Career Assessment: Employees get unlimited access to 10 different career assessments (including Strengths Finder, DiSC, 16 Personalities, and more) through our digital career inventory dashboard that delivers the top insights needed to inform career decision-making.

Personal Brand Building: We can deliver 360-feedback personal brand reviews and personal brand discovery sessions, all geared toward finding your employee’s true talent and best-fit future work.

Job Search Support: Resume(s), LinkedIn, cover letters, bios, personal websites, networking emails, elevator pitches – we’ve got your employee covered.

Interviewing: We can provide in-depth interviewing prep, including how to navigate virtual interviews at each stage of the job search process.

Networking: We’ll help your employee navigate the Hidden Job Market, building a powerful networking strategy that uncovers future possibility.

If you’d like to talk about the idea of building a customized outplacement program for your team, feel free to reach out using the contact form on this page. We’ll respond very quickly to and set up a time to talk about how we can help you, your team, and your employees move confidently into the future.