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If I think about my current work, I feel bored and unmotivated at least 75% of the time. There are a few things that interest me but most of the time I dream of escaping, finding a new job or taking a leave of absence.

Recently, I have been far less inclined to read books and articles about my current profession. I find myself uninterested in reading about work topics I used to enjoy.

There has been a major change in my life (sickness, death, having children, potential to move, change in partner’s job) that has made me re-evaluate my interest in my current career path.

When I see jobs that are similar to mine posted by a different company, I can’t imagine myself applying for these kinds of jobs.

Even if I could change all the people at my work who frustrate me, I still don’t think I’d like my current role/career or the work I do.

I have started to do a broader job search than before on the career boards. For example, if before I would have searched within one category (such as Accounting), I am now looking around in other categories (such as Sales/Marketing).

I have identified a strong interest or hobby that I’d like to start pursuing as a career.

I frequently think about starting my own company so I can be my own boss, or I have skills that I want to use that are not being tapped in my profession.

I frequently think about possibilities for new career paths for myself, and have seriously considered going back to school for more education.