TurningPoint is a professional network of independent coaches who’ve made a commitment to being the best in the profession and delivering the results to match. 

Each of the coaches in the network goes through a rigorous application and selection process; the best are hand-picked and curated in our Coach Finder section. We feature a wide range of career professionals, each who have a particular expertise, industry background, skill at helping clients navigate transitions, and perspective on today’s job search.

Most of all, our coaches know how to jumpstart your career progress so you can focus on enjoying your work – and the rest of your life.

TurningPoint is a professional coaching network of about 100 independent New England-area career counselors, career coaches and business coaches, who help career changers or entrepreneurs:

identify what you want for work – role, title, pay, type of company, location, flexibility, etc., 

improve your job search- resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters, networking and interview skills, and

build long-term, rewarding, career skills so that you have endless opportunities ahead of you for your career.


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