I had the chance to chat with Daniel Marans, a reporter for the Huffington Post, about a really cool program happening in Louisville, Kentucky.  They’re working with veterans on job readiness, and they’ve already connected 1,500 vets to jobs in the Louisville area.

(Anyone looking for a great social leadership initiative for Boston?  Here’s your chance.)

My favorite quote:

“The military is pretty much a pre-screening event for employers, because all employers want the same people, right? They graduated school, they’re healthy, they stay out of trouble,” Herd said. “So we take those people and we train them and discipline them and mature them and we steal them for a few years and then we give them back to society.”

                                                                                  Retired Col. Walter Herd, director, Army Transition Assistance Program

This U.S. City Is Welcoming Veterans With an Innovative New Program, by Daniel Marans for the Huffington Post

We need more initiatives like this one!