How effective is your job search?  Find out, below.


If your result was:

Reactive (You May Need A Game Plan):

You’re in good company; many people approach their job search within the context of a busy life, and they hope that something will turn up that’s easy.  Unfortunately, the best searches aren’t easy; they come from planned, sustained, targeted effort.  They’re based on a deep understanding of what lights you up and aren’t driven by someone else’s agenda.

Next time you sit down to work on your search, instead of looking at what’s in your inbox, on your favorite job board, or in your news feed on LinkedIn, take a different approach.  Make a spreadsheet (if you don’t already have one) that will have your contacts and your contact notes (if you’re technically-inclined, you can use a CRM system).  Or, you may need a class on how to use LinkedIn to its fullest advantage.

Your best bet? Come up with a game plan of activities you will do EVERY WEEK whether there’s a job open for you or not.  (If you need help making that kind of game plan, a career coach might be a good investment for you.)  Either way, it’s time to take your search off auto-pilot so you can get the job you want.


Inner Directed (Well Done, You!)

You understand that your search is a numbers game, and you have a clear sense of direction.  You have a systematic approach, and you are in the driver’s seat.  That’s great!

At the same time, don’t get so caught up in the idea that only one outcome is possible that you lose sight of alternative paths that might be just as fulfilling for you.  In general, you’ll want to keep up the weekly work; it may seem daunting to keep working the system if nothing’s happening, but – if you’re truly in line with your interests and abilities, you’ll get there!