We’ve all been there.  No one’s calling you back; your search isn’t turning up anything new; you feel down in the dumps and discouraged.

When that happens, even the best among us start to doubt : am I good enough?  Am I marketable?  Do I “still have it” and will I ever convince anyone that I do?

If you find yourself in this boat (and all of us have, at one point or another), put down your job search and pick up a nonfiction book, or a video, or an article.  Even a YouTube tutorial will do, and there are plenty of free or low-cost, short courses online for just about any topic.  It doesn’t even have to be job-related, although it would be great if it is.  If you feel REALLY stuck, find a longer course and enroll in it, but make it something that will either close a skill gap or be fun to learn.

The simple act of learning something new, and making new mental connections, will bring you confidence.  Every time.